SOIC Breakout for SMD ATtiny Programming

The disco lights in the last post were really just 5 LEDs hooked up to a random number generator - the dolls have no rhythm and won’t notice. I had some surface mount ATtiny13’s kicking around so I used one of those.

The problem with an SMD MCU is programming it. Obviously I could put an ISP header on the board, but we wanted the smallest possible footprint.

What I wanted was a temporary SOIC to DIP adaptor that didn’t need soldering. SOIC is 1.27mm pitch and breadboard is 2.54mm, so I came up with this.


Each of these is a pair of 1.27mm female header and a 2.54mm right-angled male header connected by a trivial custom PCB. This is what it looks like in use.


You can buy the 1.27mm female headers from RS part number 681-3023.